Unleash your bow & arrow to take out the balloons before your time runs out. It’s a simple concept, and provides fun addictive game play. The super-easy controls allow for accurate aiming, but beware – the physics-based action will test your accuracy skills to the limit.

You will face targets at short, medium, and long ranges with varying heights and angles. Master the art of hitting moving targets with the game’s wind simulation! Learn to judge the effects of gravity and correct your aim accordingly. Besides wind and gravity the archer must also deal with other threats such as magnets that will send your arrows off-course.

Take advantage of the 7 different types of arrow on offer from, the Flaming arrow to the Drone arrow, each with it's own characteristics and abilities.

Line up your shots to maximize the targets hit with each arrow, take aim, then swipe your finger to draw back the arrow and release!