Need help with our products?  Please check the Frequently Asked Questions below to find an answer
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[wptabtitle] Game won’t install? [/wptabtitle]
[wptabcontent] Most likely you need more free space on your device. Try clearing more room and try again.[/wptabcontent]
[wptabtitle] Game won’t run or runs but crashes before the action starts?[/wptabtitle]
[wptabcontent] Generally a memory issue. To fix, completely power down your device by holding down the power button for 5 secs and selecting shutdown/turn off. Wait 5 secs, then turn the device back on and try running again [/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle] Game won’t log in to Twitter? [/wptabtitle]
[wptabcontent] If you get an error message saying ‘Failed to validate oauth signature and token’ then make sure you device’s date and time is correct.  This error sometimes happens if your device’s clock is too slow by 10 or 20 minutes.[/wptabcontent]
[wptabtitle] I have an awesome idea for an update or feature, who can I tell? [/wptabtitle]
[wptabcontent] Tell us!! Fill out the form below with your idea and let us know. That’s how we make the updates and games you want to play :)[/wptabcontent]

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