The object of each puzzle is to get everybody from one side of the level to the other, with certain logic rules and restrictions in place that must be followed. Can you help the barn animals escape the flood? Be careful, the dog will attack the cat if you leave them unsupervised!

Try your hand at beating some of the most fun and challenging “river crossing” puzzles ever constructed. Can you match the minimum amount of turns needed? With classic button controls or intuitive touch controls, Crossing Conductor’s brain straining logic puzzles will challenge people of all ages to figure out how to get the gorillas across the log raft without them overpowering the zoo keepers.

"Wow, very pleasantly surprised with this one. With a ton of different settings, all in fun retro-style graphics (as the reviewer below said), and really nicely designed controls, this game is a fun, challenging blast."

"Fun game and the retro graphics"

- iTunes Reviews

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