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Welcome to the Pocket BMX Games 2013.

Hi everyone, we are holding 3 Competitions over the next couple of weeks for a chance to win copies of Pocket BMX and Gift Cards.

There is a competition to suit everyone. If you don’t own a copy, enter Comp 1 for your chance to score a free copy. Then you can enter Comp 2 and if you have a suitable device then enter Comp 3 as well.

The details are below:

Competition 1: Facebook for Free copies.

Competition 1: Facebook Promo Codes

*Requires Facebook Account

*Share our Pocket BMX Games 2013 Facebook post between the dates 21th -28th Jan to enter.

*Winners will be contacted through Facebook.


Competition 2: High Score and Review for 2x $15 Game Vouchers

Steps to enter Competition #2 :

  •  Play any level in Timed mode, get the highest score you can*.
  •  Leave an Honest review on iTunes.
  •  Email us at : [email protected]  with your Game Center Name and your iTunes review name.

* Must be logged into Game Center for your scores to automatically submit.

* We will choose the 2 top scores using the “Combined Timed Leaderboard” + “Weekly Scores”  at 12:00am on the 5th on Feb, that have a matched iTunes review.

* Enter as many times as you like.

* Full version only


Competition 3: The Main Event. 1st place $25, 2nd place $15, 3rd place $10.  Developers choice award $30



For video instructions on how to enter competition #3:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymefEjDSCYA

Steps to enter competition #3:

  • Play the “City” level in “Timed” mode
  • Get the highest score you can***
  • Record the replay using the new “Record Replay” Feature**
  • Email the replay to: [email protected] using the built-in feature.
  • To enter “Developers Choice” Send the replay to Facebook, Twitter and/or Youtube, then let us know when you email the replay.  We will choose based on use of tricks/level, not based on score.

*The top 3 scores  from entries received between the 28th of Jan – 4th Feb will win.  We will Draw them at 12:00am on the 5th of Feb.

*We will select the Developers Choice award from runs that have been posted to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube between the 28th of Jan – 4th Feb to win.  We will Draw at 12:00am on the 5th of Feb.

* Enter as many times as you like.

**Replay Recording feature requires either iPod 5, iPhone 4+, iPad 2 + or iPad mini device and iOS 6.

*** We reserve the right to disqualify any submissions we deem are exploiting the game, using loopholes, unfair tactics, poor gamesmanship, or goes against the spirit of the competition.

Tips for Recording replay:

  • Use the latest iOS updates available
  • Don’t have any iOS music playing.
  • Reboot the device to clear memory before starting Pocket Bmx
  • Mobile devices are limited in memory/cpu power so try to minimize amount of apps running.
  •  If you own multiple ios devices, use the most powerful one they have to do the recording.
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Pocket BMX for Android devices! Avatar photo

We have just released Pocket BMX for Android devices!

The Best BMX game has arrived on Android and is ready to rock the bones of your phones.   The latest version with all bonus levels and unlock all features are ready for you to play as well as being universally compatible with phones and tablets from Android 2.2+.  Now it’s time for Android users to unleash your inner BMX BEAST.

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Massive Pocket BMX Update! Avatar photo

Pocket BMX Icon

We have just released a massive update for Pocket BMX which adds 15 more levels, Facebook scoreboards and achievements, In-app unlock all, Video posting to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and more!

Included in the new update:

– 15 New Levels.
– iPhone 5 support
– Post video replays to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and more. (Only on iPhone 4+, iPod Touch 5, iPad 2+)
– Facebook high scores and achievements.
– New Menus.
– New support for iCade/compatible controllers.
– New UNLOCK ALL and Cheat menu feature.(via in-app purchase)
– New Cheat Menu option.
– New Achievement list in Pause Menu. Fixed in-app unlock all.
– Much More!

Download the free update now and keep on riding.

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Crossing Conductor Avatar photo

We have now released our 3rd game! Read more ›

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Welcome to our New Website. Enjoy your visit.

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